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The Best Overall Solution for Maximizing Air Quality in Your Business



  • UV-C inactivates harmful pathogens including infectious bacteria and viruses such as flu and Covid 19

  • Photocatalytic Oxidation treats Volatile Organic Compounds, annoying smells and odors    

  • MERV Filtration traps animal dander, dust particles and allergens

Three Air Purification Systems Seamlessly Integrated into Each Product

Reduce workdays lost due to colds, flu, covid-19, other viruses and airborne pathogens

Why AirPuriX is the Right Solution

Slimline UV-C technology enables wall and ceiling mounting so clean air can be continuously streamed to the breathing zone for maximum effectiveness.

Older generation filter units are floor standing with output air well below the breathing zone so are far less effective.


Two 55 Watt UV Generators provide more germ killing power  than any other air purifier in it's class

 How it Works

  • Unprocessed air is drawn in and clean air exits into the breathing zone at up to 150 cubic feet per minute.

  • Ensures a higher workspace air quality level, irrespective of whether there is a central air cleaning system

Level 3 air purification cleanses the air well beyond that of  simple fan-filter  floor units

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