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Diamond Properties Installs AirPuriX in its Offices and in Tenant Locations


Case Study

Diamond Properties Installs AirPuriX in its Offices and in Tenant Locations


Diamond Properties (DP), a commercial real estate business established in 1992 and located in Mount Kisco, New York, owns and manages 90 office, industrial and retail properties in 12 states, totaling in excess of 14 million square feet.

As the pandemic evolved, AirPuriX engineers set out to develop a room air purifier that could provide better protection that traditional fan-filter floor standing air purifiers against infectious bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19 and its variants.

The air purifiers are now fully developed and offered by AirPuriX for commercial sale, typically to building owners and managers who wish to offer their tenants quality-of-life perks. The model AiriX 24 represents a new generation of air purifier because it is designed to stream clean, healthier air directly to the breathing level where people speak.

The innovation behind this newfound ability to easily mount air purifiers in ceiling and wall locations where the air can be appropriately streamed is the utilization of well-established ultraviolet disinfection technology rather than HEPA filters which made earlier air purifiers to bulky to be place anywhere but on the floor.

The goal of streaming this clean, healthier air is to help get company staff back to the office,  make possible the reduction of workdays lost due to illnesses and to provide greater protection against bringing such illness home from the office.

Jim Diamond, CEO of Diamond Properties stated, “once we saw how easily these units could be installed and in appreciation of the potential value of providing continuous clean air in our  workspaces, we decided it was time to go ahead with our plan to offer these same units to our tenants.”

He added… “rather than tenants needing to purchase these units themselves, we’ve arranged for Diamond Properties to purchase the air purifiers and lease them to our tenants for $27.40 per month, less than $1 per day”


  • · A Great Quality-of-Life Perk for Your Tenants 

  • · A New Income Stream for You

Partnering Program for Landlords, Building Owners, and Managers

  • Purchase AirPuriX Air Purifiers - One-time payment: $1595

  • Lease to Tenants – Suggested monthly fee $25 - $30


· Reduce Workdays Lost Due to Illnesses

· Helps Get Staff Back to the Office

· Greater Protection Against Bringing a Cold Home From the Office

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